How many times does Baha’u’llah use the the term ‘being’ in the Hidden Words?

I think it is about 22 times, but the really important use is ‘O Son of Being’.

To address humans in this way emphasise three levels of reality.

LEVEL !: Ultimate Being is God. God is Ultimate being – another name is Mystery.

Mystery is the primary fact of life & our primary relationship.

Unity & peace can only come as we stand with others in the face of Mystery, a stance that admits, as Socrates/Plato did that the chief thing we know is that we don’t know.

Unity & Peace can never come via words and names and theology. Ask any true mystic.

LEVEL 2: The sons & daughters of God have the challenge to reflect in their being, their selves, Godlike qualities.

Between Level 1 & 2 there is;

LEVEL 3: Since finite humans cannot embrace the Infinite we can most surely develop our reflecting of the names & attributes of God through turning to the Perfect Mirror, the Messenger of God.

Our aspiration is to mirror the Perfect Mirror.

3 levels cf 2 is the difference between Baha’i understanding and that of (some) Sufis & Gnostics.