Reading the book of self: part of our spiritual quest is to be able to say “I can see more clearly now!”

Seeing more clearly now, seeing what was always there but only now is readable, undergoing an inner shift via insight that enables us to see ‘all things made new’ – all of these enable us to read more accurately the ‘book of self’ as well as the world in which we live.

Part of seeing deeply is to become familiar with how metaphor or analogies are used. All spiritual writing, most poetry and scriptures use metaphor and analogies. For as in Zen, which is ultra-cryptic in this koan;

A lightning flash:
between the forest trees
I have seen water.
Shiki Masaoka

Outwardly it is about being in a forest in a storm But it goes deep if we have the ‘eyes to see and ‘the ears to hear’. Water is a symbol of the spiritual. The lightning flash is a flash in insight or satori, that enables the self to see beyond the apparent real world. So it about the nature of being human and how insights come to us and enable us to see more clearly beyond appearances and darkness,

SHARK Stereogram cf Magic Eye

This YouTube video helps you to see auto-stereograms;