Hello everyone – may I introduce my new blog ‘Baha’i Process’!

Hi everyone

Yes – yet another blog to whizz around the blogosphere!

This one is about ‘Baha’i in Process – questions about the journey and the destination’

Baha’i in Process – questions about the journey and the destination

We are all in process – individually, as communities and as a global community – being and having and doing, journeying and destinations (as temporary stops along the way – way-stations).

So I, and I hope you, will ask, and try to answer, questions that concern us all – in the process of becoming.  If we think we’ve arrived the virtue to work on is not just humility, (I have that in abundance), but  imagination/raising our horizons.

NB Humour is not forbidden.

I’m starting with this theme – Prologue – in the hope it will engender lot’s of good-hearted discussion.


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